View Full Version : Soccer scarves at the summit

06-23-2011, 06:39 AM
So I am new soccer fan, and my club of choice is the New England Revolution. Soccer fans usually have scarves that take to games, to hold when their team enters, and wave like idiots when goals are scored.

Back in Feb, when we found out we were definitely going back to NH, I mention to the bf we should hold up out scarves on the summit. Well, earlier this month, the team reps had a contest...show off your scarf at a town sign anywhere in New England, and win tickets to a Wednesday game. Knowing we couldn't make that game, I posted out picture (still had to brag) after I though the contest ended. Nope, we won the tickets! I emailed the reps and thanked them, saying we couldn't attend. They gave us "anytime" tickets instead! Already used 'em :)

So, thought it was awesome we got free tickets, to a game we were going to anyway, for a silly idea we had planned on in Feb. They really wanted to fill in the stands....