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Greg the Piano Tuner
07-25-2011, 10:15 PM
Hello, everyone.
I'm new here. I've been reading the posts and am very impressed by all of the knowledge I've seen here. I have wanted to climb Mt. Washington since buying the AMC guidebook over 20 years ago. But I never did...family and work always seemed to come first, as they should.

Now, at age 60, this overweight and out-of-shape schoolteacher would like to finally climb it.

I've read everything I can lay may hands on about hiking in the Whites, and am well aware of the weather risk and the strenuous demands. I tend to be overly cautious (it's the schoolteacher in me). So, I started walking for 20 minutes three times a day, and modifying my diet. I've lost 8 pounds and won't look back. My daughter and I will hike Great Blue next month, then Mt. Wachusett, then Mt. Monadnock, then, according to plan, Mt. Greylock next spring, all the time increasing my daily exercise and diet routine. Then, if all has gone well, I hope to go up Mt. Washington sometime next summer, hopefully in a group. I think the AMC used to sponsor guided hikes to the summit and I hope they still do.

I'd appreciate advice from those new to hiking; I've already scoured the posts here and on other sites. In closing, thank you all for your shared experiences.

07-26-2011, 10:01 PM
its late so i will chime in tomorrow

07-26-2011, 10:09 PM
Welcome Greg. You've got the right idea in working up to Mt Washington. 60 is definitely not too old. There were quite a few participants in last weekend's Seek the Peak well beyond that. Walking is a great way to start getting in shape. Throw in some hills (doesn't have to be mountains) to get the legs strong and build the cardio. Your plan for getting out on the smaller mountains is good. You'll get an idea what your body is up for. The AMC definitely does group hikes through most of the local chapters - not just to Mt Washington but to many locations in the Whites. Check out your local chapter or look at outdoors.org for the event listings. They also started a program several years ago called Step by Step that is for people getting into hiking that builds up through a series of more and more difficult hikes. Might be a good choice. The nice thing about the AMC hikes is you get out there with a group of great people and a couple of capable leaders that can provide guidance and assistance when and if needed. Best of luck with your training and your hike next summer!

Snow Miser
07-27-2011, 04:37 PM
Welcome Greg! Dido with what Mark said about working up to Washington through ever increasing heights. That's wise advice, and will ensure that you will be able to handle the climb up and down, weather permitting of course. Also, think about the equipment you will need. For smaller mountains, it will be much less than for The Whites, where extra clothing, etc should be carried. Good luck! By next summer, you will should be standing on the summit, getting there under your power.

07-29-2011, 12:46 PM

Good luck getting in shape for the MW hike, not that the others won't be a great experience. As for starting small it's a good way to go. You can look at some of the samll conservation areas right around you to help with training. Walking is good, but using the local conservation areas helps acclimate you to bugs, mud, uneven terrain and even steep climbs. Mt. Misery in Lincoln (MA) is good for steep and uneven terrain and isn't far from you. Also Jehrico Town Forest in Weston, although flat, has miles of trails and plenty of bugs. To make your practice more valuable carry your full MW level pack with you each time...somewhat a hassle to lug around, but nuce to have in a pinch and it will identify any areas to change or fix before your bigger hikes (It would really stink to get halfway up MW and realize your shoulders hurt when you could have found out near home).