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10-16-2011, 10:05 PM
Well, we left MA after the game on Sat, and couldn't find a place to stay, so we drove to NH...very tiring.

Around 530am, we hit the brakes....for 50' away was a moose. He gave us a dirty look and wandered off. First moose I have ever seen

We were still tired on Monday, so we did Willard to stretch out legs. Lovely hike, and met a cool woman and her son....they were both having lots of fun.

Tuesday: We hiked N and S Hancocks. Took N peak up....pretty tough going. But totally worth it. The trail from N to S peak was so beautiful! So old looking...and too short. Was a surprise when we got to S peak, seemed too easy. There were a few people there, getting ready to head down. As we were getting ready to go down S peak...we met a woman and her very cute dog. They went down N peak....which I thinkw as impressive...I can't imagine heading down that trail. Heading down S Peak was bad enough for me! #9, #10 done. Weather was nice, if a bit too warm for my taste

Wed: Hiked Mt Waumbek. We tried in June, and due to injuries and illness, bailed. Well, once again we had injuries and illness, but we finished. I think this mountain is cursed. Took us far longer than it should have. At Mt Starr King, I fed a Grey Jay outta my hand (yeah, I know feeding wildlife is bad...I couldn't resist this guy). After Starr, we tagged Waumbek....happy in the knowledge that we got #11:) On our way down...we met a women who was doing her 39th 4000er! And her two hiking partners who were doing their 2nd :)

Thurs and Fri rained, so no hiking. But we did hit Moat for beer and eats. Their new Oktoberfest is great, as is their old Brown, Stout, and Pale :) Love the Growler

can't wait til our next trip up, which will probably be in may

Pics soon when I am not too lazy to upload