View Full Version : TR west side - Franconia SP Liberty / Flume 11/19

11-19-2011, 07:38 PM

so kinda a lazy day start - nice breakfast garlic eggs - got on the trail little after noon. Great conditions 40's no wind 100% visibility.

The start of the trail was clear: no snow and minimal water trickling down.

I was intending to go over to Flume and have a little fun climbing up the slide, but I was jogging the "approach" and ran right past the cut off :( oppsi.

Anyways, after 1 - 1.5 miles in a little dusting of snow, perhaps 3000' ? But no concern nor need for any spikes, defintley not any need for double plastic YET ; )

Up by the tent camps the trail became mostly snow but very minimal 1-2' so again regular boots still fine

I reached the summit of Liberty in under 2 hours to find great views! Visibility just amazing!!! Pretty comfortable up there maybe 10-20 knt winds with 25-30 F so I just sat there in a polypro and eat a couple of cliff bars. Back down to the car very quickly with a light jog... all in all round trip maybe 3 - 3.5 hours for 8 miles roundtrip with maybe 3000' elevation gain? Not a bad afternoon of exercises :)

Wish I had some pics to share, but only took the cell and I won't disrespect by posting that crap... Perhaps this old shot from out west this spring will make up for it


Well back down to Florida to give the finals etc,then very soon till my annual winter month up here... let the ice form let it form!!!!!!!!

will be looking forward to seeing you all out there in good old alpine conditions not to soon

11-19-2011, 07:44 PM
p.s. BillO are you still around here? I know we talked years back and I remembered you did tons of martahons... I've been kind getting into it a bit and was wondering if you know of any coming up in late Dec / early Jan as I might want to give one a shot when I'm up this winter ( Boston - southern NH area ). I'm not in as good of shape as I'd like to be so maybe a halfer or 5K charity... been doing 5.4 miles 3 days a week barefoot on the beach down in Florida

Any website links or whatever would be greatly appreciated.... thank you in advance

11-21-2011, 10:54 AM
When did you reach the summit of Liberty? I was up there on Saturday as well!

11-27-2011, 01:15 PM
^ probably 3ish? I left the car at 1 ish then back drinking a sam adams around 4 ish

Did you do the flume slide / liberty loop? If so how was it over there rock still or snow / ice?


11-28-2011, 11:24 AM
I was on my way back down the Liberty trail at 1pm, so I probably passed you. Left the lot at 8am. Another hiker left at the same time. He was heading up Flume Slide. Met him on Liberty and he said it was pretty crazy. So I decided to go back down the way I came up. Last hike for the week, no sense hurting myself before the long car ride home.