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03-17-2012, 08:54 PM
early "alpine" start Sat with great conditions entering King's... ice but slight dusting so traction was no issue... as I got a bit higher complete loss of snow/ice and walking on dirt / rocks hmmm guess sun strikes stronger in some areas???

Getting into the real part of the ravine and the climbs there was alottttt of water running under the ice, so I was very concerned about fracturing of the rock... the few bulges and pitches I crossed down low seemed semi stable LOL so I wanted to do one last little fun ice climb to end of the season but my logical "left side" talked me out of it and I took one of the less challenging routes out the left to valley way - was unbroken trail/snow but I just trailblazed through to valley way :->

valley way itself was in very easily passable conditions... bit icy down low by the falls so some traction is a must but no need for any snowshoes, nor shirt... big up to the crew cruising up playing the guitar ; )


BTW with this non freeze night tonight and the extreme warm temperatures over the next few days I hate to say it but wishing you all an official goodbye to ice climbing until let's say Dec 2012... thanks for visiting Mr. Will Gadd, I'm going back to Florida monday for work ughh I mean some summer rays and waiting on cane surf season...

we all owe that man a red bull - wish I could've met him in person and hope many of you got that opportunity


03-17-2012, 09:06 PM
BTW low tonight 38-41 degrees in Gorham,NH / Franconia,NH so theoretically if someone got out there on the trail at say 6ish they might still find some decent conditions before this few days of 70 is degrees temperatures kicks in at noonish hmmmm