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07-11-2006, 08:31 PM
My contribution to the "Best Rime Ice Photo" (like, there have to be thousands!!)

and.... who can't forget the IMAX Everest scenes shot on Mt Washington....


...and the best (and incredibly costly) I Told you so event on Mt Washington. After the IMAX shoot was finished, we all had to help bring the gear back to the Obs. The footage was taken mid afternoon in high winds and white out conditions, a hundred or so feet below the lower parking lot. I was going to carry the IMAX camera up, but the lead cinematographer insisted that it be put into the orange sled and hauled up. I explained that in case of a gust, the sled with camera would take off like a kite, and it should at least be lashed down tightly, but was told " the camera made it up Everest, and should have no problem going up Mt Washington" on a sled. Ok. Just below the safety of the building, the wind blew, and the camera and sled took off like a kite, resulting in two of the tripod mounts being destroyed. His looks said it all. Several frantic phone calls to the California studio, a flight from LA to Bos, a flight from Bos to Berlin, a car from Berlin to the base of the auto road, and an unschedueled trip up in the snow cat got the parts to the summit by the next morning.I held back my "I told you so until this message 8 years later. The recorded gust at the time of the accident was in excess of 125 mph.


More later folks......

10-03-2006, 02:20 PM
wow..hahaha thats amazing. That funny how he says this camera survived everest hahahaha:D