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    While we're on the topic of record winds

    A fellow at WattsUpWithThat posted today:

    I appreciate WUWT exposing this too. Worlds maximum wind speed measurement was on Mt Washington observatory, NH in 1934 at 231 mph and hasn?t been...
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    The technical reporting on this storm has been...

    The technical reporting on this storm has been horrendous. The BBC managed to forget to convert between kph and mph and others upconverted that data. Any references to 235 mph should be 235 kph.
  3. So, where do we go from here? lists two wind records:

    1) Maximum Gust
    2) Maximum Gust for Tropical Cyclone

    My guess is that 2) was created from a sense that TCs are important enough wind makers that...
  4. More about TC Olivia has the track and satellite image.

    No mention of the Barrow Is. wind speeds:

    TC Olivia was an intense cyclone that...
  5. WMO lists new wind gust record 113.2 m/s (253 mph; 220 kt)

    I know of some event that challenged the MWO record, but I'm not sure if this is the same event or not, I think not. It is from 1996, I'm not sure what took them so long to investigate, this sounds...
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