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  1. Thanks All!!!

    Thank you all for your advice and concern. I just have one more question. I have read all the rules and do's and do not's for winter camping on the Traverse. Would anyone have GPS cordinates to a...
  2. Doing the Traverse... Need some help

    I am doing the Pres Traverse in January. If anyone has done the traverse before I have a few questions. 1)Where is the trail head? 2)I am staying in Pinkham Notch, what's the easiest way to get...
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    I would try on some different boots. It maybe...

    I would try on some different boots. It maybe that Scarpa's last just doesn't fit your foot. Try a different brand. Also, watch for wearing a boot that is too big. On a down climb you will slam...
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    Presidential Traverse

    Hello All,

    I am looking at doing the Presidential Traverse in Feb or March. Looking for all the info I can get. Is there a book out there about the Traverse? What is the best book to buy for...
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