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  1. Does NWS humidity forecast predict summit clouds?

    NWS has a point forecast for Mount Washington summit that includes relative humidity. Is it reasonable to expect the summit to be in the clouds when the forecast humidity is near 100%, and mostly in...
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    Thanks. I never even thought to check what conditions were like now because I assumed the trails were still a month away from being clear. Time to get myself back in shape.
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    When will the snow melt?

    Any guesses when the trails up Mount Washington will be snow-free this hot spring? Looking at the weather report makes me wish I were there now, but I don't go hiking in snow (other than occasional...
  4. Gray jays

    Lucky. I've never seen a Gray Jay, not even in the distance. I wonder how they decide who to land on.
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    Condition of Jefferson Notch Road?

    What is Jefferson Notch Road like? It just opened for summer. Unpaved roads through parks are wildly inconsistent in my experience, from good as paved to rutted bogs that will drown a jeep, and...
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    Conditions on June 8

    Diapensia in bloom and some purple and yellow flowers too.

  7. Good day for a walk

    Saturday was a great day. A little warm for my tastes, some of the time. I was surprised at how much warmer Franconia Ridge was compared to the reported conditions on top of Mount Washington or at...
  8. I can take 40 degrees OR 40+ mph wind, but the...

    I can take 40 degrees OR 40+ mph wind, but the two of them together with wind chills below freezing make me wait for another day. I like to wear shorts and my legs get cold under 40. I'm not one of...
  9. I was thinking about doing Franconia ridge...

    I was thinking about doing Franconia ridge tomorrow under the predicted clear blue skies, but I think the forecast winds may make that a bad idea. Unfortunately the air masses that bring clear,...
  10. Which direction?

    The nice thing about the Ammonoosuc ravine trail in comparison to Falling Waters is, the steep part (1500 feet per mile) is one mile long instead of two. Two miles of that might be a leg killer for...
  11. Nice waterfall

    I decided not to go to Moosilauke on Sunday because the clouds were low. I went to Carr Mountain, which was wet but wet-muddy rather than wet-spectacular.

    I climbed Beaver Brook trail last July. ...
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    Greatest temperature inversion?

    What's the greatest temperature inversion recorded from base to summit of Mount Washington?
  13. Slope matters

    I find that slope matters a lot. A few weeks after climbing Mount Washington I climbed up Mount Israel, one of the shorter White Mountains, and had to stop to rest. a few times Then I went up the...
  14. Nice pictures

    Nice pictures. I almost took that route the previous day but went to Franconia Notch instead (I visited Zeacliff last October). Is the trail easy to follow? It's in a wilderness area and I've...
  15. I made it

    I did make it this week. Not as wearying as I feared, but I was still tired that day and sore in my thighs the next. My schedule had over two hours of slack but I blew that by three hours to get...
  16. Thanks for the replies

    Thanks for the replies.

    I went up Beaver Brook trail to Mount Moosilauke last weekend and that confirmed that Mount Washington would have been a bad idea. I probably would have made it to the top...
  17. What is good enough shape to climb Mount Washington?

    I want to climb Mount Washington but it's much more elevation gain that I've climbed before and I have doubts I should try it yet. But I also don't know how to know when I am in good enough...
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