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    Good feedback on the security issue if you are using the wireless router. If you live in the city or have close neighbors then having the security turned on is very important. It does slow things down a little bit. If you are at a cabin in the woods and have lots of house guests, then giving them the security key is a real pain.

    What we have done is turned on the MAC filtering on the wireless router - and have a set of guest PC cards for house guests already registered on the network. When a guest arrives we give them a guest card and they are all set. For folks who come on a regular basis we register their internal wireless address. This does not have the higher level of security - but in many cases it is fine - and it does not have the speed impact of the encryption overhead. With this we do not have encryption turned on. If you get close enough outside to get the signal I can see you in the web cameras.

    Plus, we have a guest desktop upstairs on the loft they can use. And at another desk area there is a network cable and spare LCD display for house guests. then they are wire connected to the router and the Internet. So security keys are required there.
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