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Thread: Tux 5/27/07

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    Default Tux 5/27/07

    I originally posted this over on T4T but I figured I would post it here as well.

    Well we weren't even sure we were going to TUX this weekend because they had rain in the forecast for Sunday afternoon but at the last minute I said ahhh what the hell let’s go for it and see what happens. I have to admit it felt kinda weird loading up the skis when it was 85 degrees and sunny in CT lol But I was pretty stoked and hoped the weather would hold out.

    The Whites in the distance with a scant amount of snow

    Tux late Sat "taken through window"

    We got into Pinkham around 7 Sat night. I talked to a few skiers that were just coming down. They said it was an awesome day. Also that left gully was good and one of them had hit right gully and he said that was good also. Pretty happy about that we headed to our hotel to get some sleep so we could get an early start and beat the weather the next day. I set the alarm for 4 am on Sunday and was on the trail by 5:25 just as the sun was coming over the mountains.

    The summit in the clear at sunrise

    It started to cloud up so I got a little nervous; we made it to Hojo's around 7:20.

    Hillmans looking pretty much done. I was going to try it but it didn't look worth the hike.

    The Bowl with the pond in the foreground

    Snowy trail above Hojo's

    We got into the ravine around 7:50... there was only one other person there when we arrived. Just as we got near the lunch rocks the clouds cleared and the sun came out. Man was I happy.

    The one other guy that was in the ravine climbed up Sluice and had what looked like an awesome run; he came down and confirmed that so I headed up. The one chunk of ice that had been hanging up there must have fallen because it was no where to be seen. Man what an awesome first run... perfect what seemed to be untracked corn under sunny skies! I was surprised how much the snow had softened already considering that it was only like 8:30 in the morning! I cruised all the way past the lunch rocks to where I ran out of snow. Sorry no vid of this since the new "camera man" couldn't figure out how to record yet LOL. When I got back I started talking to the one other guy in the ravine. He turned out to be a great guy. He worked at EMS and we swapped a few ski stories as we headed back up for another run. We both went back to the top of Sluice, he took his 3rd run down there while I skied part way down and then cut a hard left towards Right Gully. There was no boot path up Right Gully so it took me a while to climb it till I ran out of snow. It was totally worth it thought as I was rewarded with another awesome run. The snow was perfect all the way down. The only down side is you have to cut so far to the right at the bottom that it kinda slows you down but definitely worth it.

    I clicked in right above the rock in the center

    Here is a vid of me skiing Right Gully. Sorry about the bad quality, it was taken from a digital camera with hardly any zoom LOL.

    By the time I got back from this run a guy had skied Left Gully and reported it had a bunch of moguls and was nice and soft. I considered heading over there but I had such a good run down Sluice I had to hit it one more time first. Again I was treated with a repeat of the first run. Here are a few pics from the top.

    In this pic Chute doesn't even look skiable.

    More people had shown up by the time I got back down

    After that I sat and watched a few other people take some runs. One person attempted Chute and made it down after a lot of stopping backing up and sliding sideways. After about a half an hour I packed up my stuff and headed for Left Gully. Left Gully was skiable for the bottom 3/4 as the top part had melted out. Once you reached the bottom you couldn't ski down to the floor of the ravine with out taking your skis off to get over some rocks. The run its self was awesome though with corn snow and well placed moguls the whole way down.

    Here is a vid of me skiing the lower half.

    When I got to the bottom I heard about a rock that had fallen down the top of Right Gully and slammed into the top right side of the lunch rocks Man that doesn't happen to often. Luckily it hit the part where nobody sits and nobody got hurt.

    Looking across the ravine. You could see the path from the rock rolling down but it’s not quite visible in this pic because of the quality.

    People skiing Sluice with crevasses on left

    I wanted to try this run down the headwall but never got a chance.

    I had such a fun run down Left Gully that I decided to hit it one more time. This time I took the camera up and got some shots from the top.

    The top 1/4 that’s melted

    Looking Down

    I had another sweet run on Left Gully and then headed down for some lunch. During lunch the sky really started to get dark and it showered lightly a few times. Around 1:45 I decided the rain was pretty close so I headed up for my last run. I started the climb up Chute with a few other people and made it to the top just as it started to rain harder. With all the snow melt Chute was just about wide enough where you either went straight down the skinny part or slid sideways through it. Well I certainly didn't do it in style but I made it down LOL I didn't have the nerve to go straight so I slide sideways through the skinny part and made turns after that. Here are a few pics of me skiing down and a vid.

    By the time I got back down it was raining pretty hard. We met back at the lunch rocks, packed my pack back up threw on our ponchos and headed for Hojo's. Here are a few pics right as I was leaving the ravine with rain drops on the lens. This was right after we watched a small avalanche of ice chunks come down off of Chute and smash on the rocks below. There were quite a few ski patrol rangers in the bottom of the ravine and luckily again no body was in the path of the ice.

    We got down to Hojo's and took a break hoping the rain would ease up but had no luck with that and started the wet slog back down. The rain stopped right as we got back to Pinkham but I didn't care since I got more runs in than I expected. We headed back to the hotel to celebrate and crash since I was pretty tired. The next day we awoke to sunny skies with puffy Qs so we took a drive up the auto road. We saw a few people skiing the snowfields near the auto road and a few seemed to be heading to the top of the Great Gulf to hit what was left up there. I almost decided to ski one of the snowfields but by the time we got up there it was already 2:00 and we had a 5 1/2 hour drive home so we just hung around the summit for a while and then headed home. I did take a walk to check out the west side snow field though. It’s about 350 ft long a definitely skiable. I kinda kicked my self in the ass for not skiing it but ohh well. Here are a few pics I took on the way up of the Jefferson snowfields, Adams and Madison. After that my camera died so sorry no other pics.

    All in all other than the rain it was an awesome long weekend of skiing in the end of May. That’s all for now... Happy Trails :skicool:

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    Looks like you had a great day for skiing! Thanks for the report. Great Pics!
    Is there really any BAD weather???

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    I prefer to remember the mountain when it looked like this....

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