Jude, Emma and I made a backpacking trip to Imp shelter on the 28-30th. The hike to Imp Shelter was hot and muggy, the blackflies were present but not annoying enough yet to ruin the trip. The forest floor was littered with wildflowers. On the 29th we climbed North Carter, Mount Lethe, Middle Carter and South Carter. Mount Lethe is just a bump between North and Middle Carter. The climb up North Carter is steep and long and requires a lot of scrambling, hand over hand climbing. The worst part of the trip was between Imp Shelter and North Carter where there was still a lot of ice and snow. There was occasional postholing and where there wasn't snow there was mud and deep puddles. This was the case on the northern approach to each mountain. We bare booted it easily, but wore our winter gaiters, which helped a lot with the snow and mud. Along the ridge the trail was clear. A full trip report and photos are here:


I will post more when I have it loaded to my website.