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    Default Mt. Cabot

    Does anyone know what the status is on the Mt. Cabot trail? We're looking to go up in the fall to knock off Waumbek and Cabot and right now we're planning our routes. Is it still closed or did the landowner back off any?

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    Default Mount Cabot Trail

    The latest posting I can see concerning the trail closure is dated January '06 stating "due to landowner dispute the trail is closed". That said, I see trip reports from January this year and October last year at VFTT that say they had no problem using the trail. It is a tricky trail to find in the first place, and there is no signage along the trail until you reach the Bunnell Notch Trail, so it may be difficult to follow if you're not careful. I have climbed it from Bunnell Notch. There is not much to see until the cabin, then making a loop across the The Bulge and The Horn and returning by Unknown Pond Trail. I have also climbed it from Mill Road, crossing The Horn and The Bulge first before hitting Mount Cabot.

    The views from Mount Cabot are nice. They are from below the summit at the Forest Service cabin and are mostly to the south and east. There are filtered views from The Bulge but the real gem on this trip is The Horn, where there are fantastic 360 degree views of the Plinys, Crescents, Mahoosucs, Carters, Presidentials and more. The Bulge and The Horn are also on the New Hampshire 100 highest list if you need more reason to go. So, try the Cabot Trail if you want, people are using it, legally or not I'm not sure, but the other trails are well worth the trip.

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