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Not sure if this works for you but here is my tentative gear list:

Trekking Shoes (I'm not into hauling boots up the mountain)
80oz Camelbak
Trekking poles (50/50 chance I'd bring these)

What I'll wear:

Socks/ underwear....of course
Convertible Pants
Synthetic t-shirt
Synthetic baseball hat (keeps the sweat out of my eyes)

Clothes in the bag:
Softshell pants (provides insulation and minimal rain protection)
Softshell jacket (insulation and wind protection)
Light rain jacket
Synthetic long-sleeve shirt (probably mid-weight capilene or something with a little more wind protection)
Light hat and gloves

If it looks like rain I'd probably add another layer to the bottom to keep me dry.

Very compact headlamp
Mirror, whistle, lighter, small multi-purpose tool
Very small first aid kit
Altimeter watch
Map (I usually leave the guidebook in the car, but I know the area)

I'm sure I forgot something essential, but that's generally what I take into the mountains in the summer. Everybody has their own recipe though, so what works for me might not work for you.
Thank you!