Kate and I are meeting at the Castle Trail by 7:00 am, Monday 9/4 (about 1.0 miles west of Lowe's Store in Randolph) for a Presidential Mtn traverse! You are invited to join in for some, or all of it! We will spot a car there and drive on to the Appalachia parking lot. We'll hike up to Madison, Adams, and on to Jefferson. Some may return via Castle Trail back to the car spot. Others will continue on to Mts Clay/Big George and 1.5 miles beyond where they will spend the night at the Lakes hut. You may join us too!

In the Morning, half of the team will re-meet the Presi group noon-ish on Mt Ike to continue on to Pierce and out Crawford Path. This is a most stenuous hike for those with a lots of experience. You will be screened and we hope others are experienced enough to join us!

As always, kindly let me know if you are joining us.