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yes i have skimmed through it to see member benefits. doesnt sound like a bad deal at all. as a member get to go to special events and tours. what i dont get is the so many different clubs. you have the summit member,6288 member,231 member, and presidents membership. what is the difference in benefits there? are they all the same
The club level memberships:

Club Level Members are invited to special Observatory events held throughout the year

NEW! Beginning January 1, 2007, members at the President's Club and 6,288 Club levels will have access to our new "Director's Circle", a special panel of MWO members which will meet periodically to discuss Observatory matters.

So to sum it up, if your level of support is at "club" level, then you are invited to special obs. events. If your level of support is of the highest 2 then you are also a member of the "directors circle".

Remember, all the levels of giving are yearly and really are determined by whatever you feel comfortable with.