It wasn't the most relaxing hike, but I officially made it to the summit. Now I'm back at the hotel, cleaned up and ready to party. Or at least eat some turkey.

Due to the forecasted bad weather we had to go to plan b. Which involved me racing up Tuck's and my wife meeting on the summit with the car. Plan b worked, set a new personal best time for climbing MWN, even with all my wife's gear in my pack.

Now I'm looking at the radar and the forecast is turning into a major bust. We had some sprinkles on the way down, but most of the precip is moving by to the south. Unless a storm pops up over MWN its going to be several hours before anything makes it up here, if at all.

Then again, its never worth rolling the dice with lightning and severe storms in the forecast.

Hope everyone else had a good, safe hike.