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Thread: OK lets have it

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    Default trail

    up lions head , tucks to summit, down crawford to to camel to davis to bootspur and back to tucks. 5th time to summit 1st time on trails other than tucks. views from lions head were fantastic despite weather forcasts. met some great people along the way , food was awsome ,even won an AMC membership which I've already sent in for . all in all a super time ,look foward to seeing everyone next year.

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    Smile Where do I start?

    Thanks Blue Dog for the stealth site. It was GREAT camping with you guys.
    Thanks K.D. for the liquid refreshment at the turkey dinner. Thanks Scott for running such a top notch event!!!!!!!!!!! The tour at the top was incredible.
    My son will never forget being the highest person in N.H. He also couldn't believe all the work the observatory does. The observatory gave him a chance to experience something he will NEVER ever forget. We hiked up huntington Ravine ( Blue Dog saw the proof : ) and headed down Tucks.
    The dinner was incredible. Baxter ( my son ) said it was the best turkey he ever had. It was nice getting to meet everyone. Bill 0 you and I will have to run Tucks together when my knee gets better. Maybe we can beat that 1 hour and 20 minutes. Also Bill enjoy your new bikes. Great job on all you raised. Believe it or not Baxter and I decided on Sun. to hike up to Crag Camp and see if they had room in the inn. They did and we stayed there Sun. night. This gave us a chance on Sun to summit Adams and visit Madison Hut before heading back to Crag. This was a weekend my son and I will remember for ever!!! We will definetly be back next year for S.T.P. When Baxter wakes up from his long sleep we will post the pictures. WHAT A WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Default Thank You!

    What an event.

    It is so immensely fulfilling to see so many people having such a great time together. It's even better to read about it after the fact! This year's event was the biggest ever, and (believe it or not) pledges are still coming in. We're now up over $61,000!

    Since I have two little guys at home, my hiking has been "minimal" over the last few years. However, after running the event for the first three years and helping out on a few, I've been able to actually DO Seek the Peak for the last three years-- each time introducing new people to the mountain and the Observatory.

    This year, I had the pleasure of hiking with great friends from college out west. They have recently relocated to Bangor, and I was so excited to spend a day on the Rockpile with them. I can't lie-- I'm sore as hell! But it was so worth it. And as he said at the awards party, my Salt Lake born-and-raised friend admitted that NH does indeed have mountains.

    I had a blast meeting some of the people from the forums and I really enjoyed putting faces to the (user)names. Brad, Bill, Rich, Rex-- it was great meeting you and everyone else. Congrats Ken on the engagement!

    I can't thank all of you enough for your generosity, your passion and your support for the organization that I am so very fortunate to be associated with.

    I'm working on a Fotki page of my own, but I'm very much a newbie-- hopefully our photos (thanks, Jeremy) will eventually end up in Brad's public album!

    Take care and I'll see you again next year (hopefully sooner!)...

    MWO Exec. Dir.

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    I went up the Lions Head and came down Tucks and I have to say it was an incredible day! Even though I came alone to this event, I do not think there was any time that I felt really alone. I met some great guys at the beginning of my ascent and met up with Tim and Val for the rest of the day. For the weather forecasts being so gray I do not think we could have had better weather. The views from Lions head were stunning. The dinner, the goodie bags, everything was great and I can't wait to come back and do it all again next year!

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