Saturday, September 23, or Friday 9/22 thru Sunday 9/24: Mount Isolation! Rockgoddess finishes #48 on her 48th birthday! Choose between a Saturday day hike, or 2 or 3 days backpacking in the Dry River Wilderness. We will traverse the Dry River Trail with the possibility of adding Mount Washington & we'll return by the Davis Path! Here is your chance to test your gear and skills!

Fri 9/22: Arrive 9:30, depart 10 am Dry River trailhead to Dry River shelter #3 or thereabouts; gourmet vegetarian dinner provided.
Sat 9/23: shelter #3 to Davis Path & Isolation summit, camp near Isolation; gourmet asian style meal provided; optional scurry up Mt. Washington for those interested.
Sun 9/24: early rise, and hike out via Davis Path with plenty of time for views on the various peaks along the descent, also known as Montalban Ridge, and the first leg of the Cohos trail <>.This ridge has the most beautiful views in all of the White Mts.

Two Day Plan - On Sat. 9/23 Meet at the Rocky Branch trail parking lot, car spot for a Glen Boulder trail start. We arrive at Isolation summit around 1-2 pm and we'll camp near the summit Sat. night. A hike out Rocky Branch branch to the car is an afternnon option.

Full wind and winter gear is reguired. Post here or send me a pm for the meet and car spot plan and time, and to let me know you are joining us.