I posted our pictures at the MWO site. Just to fill you in we started the hike at 9:00am and made great time to Gem pool. Then the work began. We slowed down considerably, especially over the ledges. My daughter needed help over several places but my son is like a mountain goat out in the lead the whole way. Tracy did well for her first major hike with so much elevation gain. We made it to Lakes in 3.5 hrs. and rested about 1/2 hr. The weather to this point stayed partly cloudy with most clouds still clearing the summit. Just a short time after leaving the hut the clouds began to drop in on us and we were in the clouds the entire time from there on in with light rain or drizzle. From Lakes to the Summit took just over an hour. When we got to the summit the winds were around 25 mph and cloudy/foggy. Tracy was worn out and wasn't looking forward to hiking down and I wasn't in much better shape due to fighting a cold, not to mention that if we did hike down we would have missed the after party. So I rode the Cog down to get the Jeep and drove around and up the Auto road and picked up the gang. Needless to say we had lots of fun and Tracy got her shirt that says...This body climbed Mt Washington.