I think when we put the goodie bags together they need to make sure that there is not duplicated product in each. I have a lifetime supply of sunblock if anyone needs some. Plus a size 14 sandal that you can use as a kayak paddle I also think it's important that the representatives show up for the dinner I know this year LL Bean wasn't really present and Subaru wasn't either. 2006 when it rained we had it at wildcat I admit the turkey dinner was awesome but the atmosphere indoors I felt was better. That's just my two cents.

Is there any way we can get the sponsors sheet available sooner or the website for 2008 up and running. I know I've been collecting money already for 2008 it would be nice to be able to post it earlier and also have a sponsors sheet to show people that you truly are collecting for the mountain I think that's about all I have John