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    Brad thank you for taking those great pictures it was great to meet you and hopefully over the next year through e-mails we could become great friends. There's one thing that Mt Washington does for all of us. It brings us all together for a great cause and a great chance to meet wonderful people and form wonderful friendships. I hope we meet again soon wonderful pictures great memories and great friends take care John Buonavolonta AKA bosco41

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    Thanks for the comments. It was great to meet you and so many others. I am a believer that pictures make good memories and help to reinforce over time the good time and value out of Seek The Peak and MWO itself.

    It is amazing to think a mountain, a pile of rocks, can have such an emotional impact on people who have been there. She has been a major factor in my life over the years and I have loved wandering around the peaks and ridges - all seasons of the year. As you hike up Tuckermans Trail from Pinkham and the sounds of route 16 wade away, you switch gears and focus on the lack of sound, the wind blowing through the trees, the beauty of the old tree roots, and everything around you. The variety of trees and terrain are wonderful to soak in as you climb higher to end up at the Alpine Garden and a view which takes your breath away if that has not already happened in the process of getting there. It is an emotional thing. There is a draw to come back.

    To top that with an organization that lives on top of this magnet and have the organization so interested in protecting and understanding our environment, it is an excellent combination. MWO gets us in multiple ways. We love the mountains and outdoors - and we are interested in weather, etc.

    We have to give in and admit we should stay connected to both the mountain range and the organization.
    Brad (a 6288 club member) Personal Photo sales site Personal photo web site MWO image & video archive site 2006-2012

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