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I am not aware of a particular program, but a relatively simple PHP or Perl script could probably do it. Are your webcams able to run custom scripts?

The web cameras at MWO and the ones I have at home have the ability to FTP the images directly to the Fotki photo web site. My lake camera, for example, sends its images to http://public.fotki.com/bradbradstre...mera/lakeview/ every 2 minutes.

The MWO cameras could do this also, but they would not have the MWO logo and time stamp branding. So, the process MWO goes through to produce the images is an offline one. Once they have an image they move it to the web server and it is available to us to view. Their process could also send the image as an e-mail attachment - but setting this up is not on their priority list - especially if I can get it working. The image archive is my personal "volunteer" project.

Right now I grab the images when they change and save them to disk (this is an easy step). Sending them to the Fotki site on a schedule with the proper date and timestamp is what I do with standard programs today. I would like to make it an easier process.

This is running on a old, small desktop at my cabin in Maine and seems to fall apart and break just when I do not have good access to the machine. I finally got frustrated,went to Sam's Club today and bought a computer to run this work on. I am hoping to make this a more dependable process.