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Thanks for the vote of confidence.I have started buying some gear I need and just can't wait to get it all but some of it is expensive so I am buying a couple things at a time.My wife wants me to wait because the kids can buy me stuff for christmas but I would like to start heading up to NH and try to get some trails in this year to get a little better in shape for MW. I cannot wait till next July it is like waiting for christmas. I have alway wanted to hike up MW. I have been going to the summit cams every morning at my desk for the past 10-12 years (and dreaming).I have always told my wife when I finnaly kick the bucket to spread my ashes on the summit. I am alittle obsessed with that mountain. Sorry here I go again blabing on. Have a nice night everybody

Chris, we do understand. Many of us have a strong emotional attachment to MW.