Hi everyone, just found this forum.

Way cool.

Been going to NH every Fall for about 12 years (really just to hike) and strangely enough, last year was the first time I bagged the big 'un.

Going again last week of Sept.

So when I did the "big 'un" last year I had a small problem. Fitness-wise it wasn't a problem (I am an endurance athlete), however, I wasn't dressed properly. Warmth wasn't the issue until I found myself soaking wet. When I got to the top, we were in the middle of a huge cloud, it was about 35 degrees and winds were at 65 mph (which I know for MW, isn't all that bad). Since it was our first, of course we did Tuckerman's. Haven't done the research yet, but thinking of going via Davis this year.

I have a waterproof jacket but didn't need it til we started getting "up there". I am not sure what to wear as pants (I am sure I just had on gym-type pants) or what to wear as my base layers underneath (upper). I probably have a good long-sleeve wicking cycling jersey I can use as layer number 2 but what to use for layer number one? Also don't want to spend a fortune gearing up.

Unfortunately we had to take the van down bcz I was just too wet. I have a compromised immune system and didn't want to take a risk of catching and holding on to that chill and getting sick (so...technically not bagged, downhill is an art, too), but the important part is getting up it, right, I wasn't displeased, just not properly geared up.

Any suggestions and in the future if I can contribute, (12 years hiking up there and almost never doing the same hike twice only the ones I particularly love) I will. Right now I am in the middle of training for races, working full time and teaching Spin classes but would be glad to contribute.

Thanks, all