The Mt Washington Observatory is currently running 4 web cameras posting the images to their site every 15 minutes. Some of the cameras continue through the night. The Deck camera image was altered for me to include the wind and temperature along with the camera image. I grab these 4 camera images throughout the day and night when they change - and upload them to a web site I set up for this purpose. In addition, I upload the Weather Conditions image also. This shows the prior 24 hour wind and temperature at the summit.

By going to you will be able to go back through the images for the day in the "Current" folder and also check out prior days' images in the "Saved Images" folder.

The current album and folder structure is:

So, if you are hiking to the summit, stand on the observation deck within view of the Deck camera on the quarter hour. When you get home your picture should be available for you in the album.