Back to Venus for the moment
Came across this from for September 22, 2007

"MAXIMUM VENUS: In a celestial coincidence of eye-catching proportions, Venus reaches maximum brightness for all of 2007 on Sept. 23rd, the autumnal equinox. In short, northern fall is beginning with a bright light in the dawn sky.

How bright? This morning in Florida, Howard Eskildsen saw Venus after sunrise:

"The clouds over Ocala parted to reveal Venus and a deep blue sky framed by fragile fluffs of clouds," he says.

Shining at magnitude -4.5, Venus is 10 times brighter than Jupiter and 16 times brighter than Sirius--the brightest star in the heavens! And while Venus is visible in broad daylight, it is easier to find before sunrise. No sky map is necessary. Simply look east for the brilliant light.

BONUS: Got a backyard telescope? Point it at Venus. Like the Moon, Venus has phases, and at the moment it is a beautifully slender crescent. Take a look!"