I am sure many of you noticed that nothing on the web page was updating this morning. Things got pretty nasty last night (at least for mid September!) and we lost our internet connection to the valley until this morning when I was able to fix the problem.

All the webcams are now updating again, as are the current conditions. The updated forecast should appear soon.

Keep checking back today for a new comment. I took a boatload of good pictures this morning of the summit covered in a coating of rime ice and sleet. We cleared of the fog just before sunrise so it was (and still is!) gorgeous up here.

And just to give a little teaser for the ObsCast tomorrow....we took some pretty cool footage late last night on the tower. Some of the footage is of Ryan deicing and some is of the entire crew working to get one of the sonic anemometer's down when it was blowing 90 and sleeting. Just giving you a little something to look forward to tomorrow