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    Default October Snow Pool:

    Okay, we haven't run a contest here in a while, and I'd like to sponsor one for the upcoming month.

    October has been extremely variable with respect to snowfall in years past. It's usually feast or famine. The average does not really represent the month well. While the average is 14 inches, nearly 80 inches have fallen in the month before. And with 80 inches on one side, you can imagine there are many LOW totals to kick it back down to 14 for an average.

    So here's the pool. Guess the final cumulative October snowfall to the decimal. Normal rounding rules apply...aka, no closest without going over. Just closest period.

    Winner will recieve an matted 8x10 or 8x12 photo of the Whites from my collection. My choice...

    Deadline for entries is Midnight on the 4th!

    Good luck!

    PS...Info can be found ...
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