Just wanted to intro myself...I have been a huge Mount Washington weather fan from the great state of Connecticut....went to Mount Washington this past August but due to inclement weather w/ thick fog and 70 MPH winds decided against venturing to the top. I have made it up there 3 times and once via the Cog Railway (an experience I highly recommend).

I would very much like to spend a week up at the top to experience the weather first hand (especially would like to join the 100 MPH club by trying to walk across the deck in 100+ MPH winds) rather than just reading about it on line. The Mount Washington web site is a favorite and I check the weather daily and particularly the photos throughout the seasons.

Actually our son is studying meteorology at Western Conn (or will be in January) and wants to be a meteorologist. I hope he gets a chance at spending sometime up there and maybe he can sneak me up w/ him...

Look forward to posting here with all of you.