As some of you may recall from the comment I wrote on September 27th, the Weather Channel was on the summit that day to get footage for two pieces: one short, ~90 second segment that would air as part of the Road Crews series, and then a 3 minute show as part of the series Weather Ventures. Both of these feature other points of interest in the White Mountains, as well as the Observatory.

The Road Crews segment began airing on the Weather Channel this past Wednesday. It is actually fairly difficult to catch on the air as it is short and aired at random time between longer shows. However, you can view the segment anytime by going to this link:

Road Crews Segment Online

The longer Weather Ventures show is scheduled to air on December 5th and I will certainly post more info on that when I have it.

Just thought people might be interested in seeing this video. There are a couple other Road Crews segments on the White Mountains that you can also watch in the video player that opens with that link.

Have a great day!