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I scanned last years pages in my computor and I changed the dates and a few things on the pages and printed it back out now it reads 08 stp and I put it on my counter at work with a bottle and I have been getting people throwing money in already. I also run a welding supply store and I got two of my vendors to donate some items and I am raffling off a electronic welding helmet @ $5.00 per ticket with a total of 50 tickets to sell and a poker set @ $2.00 a ticket for a total of 25 tickets. I am doing whetever I can to raise $$$$.I have alot of customers ask me about the STP. and when I tell them about what it is and what its for they throw a dollar or two in the bottle.I should have no problem with raising the $100.00. My customers really like me so I guess that helps to. Just thought I would throw my Ideas out there incase it could help anybody.
That's great. Keep up the good work!

It's hard to think about July this morning... brrr.