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    I went to my first garage sale Saturday at REI and I could not believe how people turn into animals. People were pushing people,two women were just about ready to fight over a couple of shirts.It was amazing how people were going crazy. I was amazed how poeple were running upstairs and pushing people. I did not get anything but I have to say it was hillirious watching how people turn from being normal outside into animals inside. I may not have gotten anything but while I was checking stuff out I couldn't help but laugh. I believe this will be my only garage sale I will be going to.People were grabbing used boots and shoes 5+6 prs and hurrying to get to the shoe dept. to try them on not even checking out the sizes or anything. I just had to tell you guys about my experince. Even the people that work there were standing at the top of the stairs cracking up laughing at the way everybody was acting.
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