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Thread: 70 panos of NH (including 23 of Mt Washington)

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    Default 70 panos of NH (including 23 of Mt Washington)

    I've converted my panos to the Zoomify Flash viewer, so now linux & mac os people can view (as well as windows users who didn't want to install the Microsoft HD Viewer plugin)

    23 views of Mt Washington are shot from the following locations:

    Bretton Woods - 6

    Wildcat - 7

    Weeks State Park - 2

    Cog Railway - 4

    And of course, The Summit - 4

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    Default Thanks!

    I wasn't able to figure out how to view them before. I especially like the B-24 shots. My dad was training to be a navigator. On a training run, they flew in formation out of Westover Field in Chicopee Mass., down to Baltimore and back. On the way back his plane clipped wings with another. His plane went down over Uxbridge, Mass. He, nor any of the crew for that matter, had ever jumped from a plane. When the pilot realized they were going down, he ordered, "Bail out." My dad grabbed his 'chute and waited while the bombay doors opened. When it was time he froze. He tried to go, but he grabbed onto a wire and wouldn't let go. When the wire finally cut his hands so bad, he let go. He remembered thinking how sad his mother would be that he died. Now free-falling he desperately searched for the rip cord. It wasn't there. He searched all over and realized in his haste he had put the chute on upside down. He found the cord and pulled. The 'chute jerked him up and saved his life. He watched helplessly as his comrades bailed out, too late and too close to the ground for their 'chutes to open in time. The pilot rode the bomber into a hillside, trying to avoid any populated area. Only my father and one other Airman survived. I still have a pin he was awarded. It is a caterpillar pin. They gave them out to the men who's lives were saved by a silk parachute. Not all casualties happen in combat.

    On a lighter note: The pictures under the heading "Unknown" are easy. Numbers 1, 3 and 4 are from the turnout on the Kancamagus near the hairpin turn. The view is of the Osceolas and Scar Ridge. The Notch is Mad River Notch. #2 is looking north from Bear Notch Road.


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    My guess was that the view of Osceola and Scar Ridge was from the new Discovery Trail.

    Nice work, I really like panoramics.

    happy trails
    nature photography of the White Mountains
    by Patrick LaFreniere
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