In order to have a reputable forum with high quality posts and low amounts of noise you need to ban aliases and force people to use their real name as their username.

Please see: Stormtrack Forum

It works great at Stormtrack. I know people on that forum and respect them, I don't think of them as "weatherweanie126."

Aliases are great for Star Trek forums and 15 year olds.

If people have privacy concerns they could crawl into a hole and hide, or they could use their first name and last initial. Or they could make up a fake name, nobody is going to check.

Implementing this new rule would require some bold steps. Basically, erase everybodies accounts and force them to sign up again. If they use an alias their account gets erased and they get a friendly email reminding them of this policy. Considering the slow rate of member growth we could easily handle this procedure.

I'm not sure we have much to lose. This forum is pretty much DOA right now. The web comments helped a little last week, but over the weekend there were several days with no posts at all. None. My original plan for the Mount Washington forum involved using real names instead of aliases.