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Thread: Volunteer 11/21/-11/28/07

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    KD, thanks for the pictures and writeup. Also, I agree - a volunteer week at the summit is a great opportunity. I had my first week in late October of this year, and will be back in late March of '08.

    As Ryan mentioned, yes, you do have to be a member before you can volunteer, but that is nothing in comparison to the experience that you get as a volunteer.


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    Default Epilogue:

    Sun Dog.

    Rime Feathers.

    I'm three days off the summit and I'm still exhilarated. I've finally got my photos sorted and posted. Some you've already seen, but if anyone is still interested there are more. The weather was clear the day we left and I was able to take some more pictures. The ride down was with mixed feelings. Longing to stay, wanting to get home to see my family, (and dog!). On the drive home I went over the experience in my mind. Each time is different, and each time is the same. There is much to be taken from the experience if you are open to it. I always try to go with an open mind. There are many things about the experience that are not glamorous, but I didn't go for glamour. There are somethings that I'm sure many would consider hardships, but they can be overlooked when the big picture is taken in. It's just like anything else, if you focus on the negative, then you will have a negative experience. I have always come away with a positive experience, and I am always thankful for the opportunity. I don't think I'll ever make it to Antarctica, so this will have to do!

    Pictures here:


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    I am always amazed with how creative our God is. A sunrise or sunset never the same. Rime ice forms...never quite the same, yet always beautiful and pleasing to the eye. Clouds form and dissipate, yet never the same. Infinite variety keeping us in awe. He created all these things for our enjoyment and to keep us looking to Him and thanking Him for His love and kindness toward us. As we approach the holiday season, let us remember His birthday and that He sent His Son Jesus to die so that we may live forever with Him in eternity.
    Is there really any BAD weather???

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