I saw your comments on the heated driveway controls pictures. There is one picture of the whole setup.

From the right side of the window to the left is all new this year. We added a second zone. The Tekmar controller is a 664 model - which supports 2 zones. The way it is set now is very different from before. When everything is melted and the system is "in balance" and at temperature, everything gets shut down. The system goes into a kind of standby mode. No power is used and the furnace is off. When it needs to it wakes up - brings the temp back up and then sleeps again. The old controller ran the driveway pumps all the time.

What i "need" is the ability to read all the settings and status remotely with a device that is available through a browser and is sitting on the home network. So far we have not found one to work with the Tekmar controls.

If my son's thermostats in his house all have IP addresses and can be accessed with a browser, one would think Tekmar would have an option for such an expensive controller.