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    Thanks all. Very good info here, I think we will plan on NOT hiking to the summit. We'll make a day of it, but the summit will not be our goal. We'll save that for July.

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    Default 1st Mount Washington Climb

    I think that is good common sense. Common sense is your most precious commodity when visiting the Presidentials. I hate to tell you this but, July climbing can be just as miserable with humidity, black flies and huge crowds. If you can go mid-week you may avoid some of the crowds, weekends are absurd in Pinkham Notch. The thing to do is watch this website for the forecasts regularly starting around late April. If they forecast 24-48 hours of high pressure you should think about climbing. The web cams on this site are invaluable. Check them before you climb and remember things will likely be much different when you arrive. You don't need clear skies, just low wind and no precipitation. In fact, clouds enhance the experience. Climbing up into them then descending back out is an indescribable experience. Watching them form and drift past the mountains above and below you... You'll get your day up there, just plan well and remember there will still be snow in Tuckerman Ravine until June so there may be places on your trip where you have to cross patches of snow. Good luck and enjoy yourselves! For Mount Washington pictures:


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