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Thread: Climbing Washington in Fall and winter

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    Default navigating mw in winter

    Here's my waypoints as stored on my gps for the Lion Head winter route to the summit: 1- Orange sign at treeline on the Lion Head Winter Route - elev4615 n44deg 15.869m/w71deg 17.134m 2- Lion Head elev5387 n44deg 15.934m/w71deg 17.650m 3- junction with alpine garden trail elev5449 n44deg 15.902m/w71deg 17.743m 4- split rock elev5625 n44deg 15.954m/w71deg 18.087m 5- lower parking lot elev6180 n44deg 16.173m/w71deg 18.120m 6- summit elev6288 n44deg 16.248m/ w 71deg 18.208m. So much for technology - from my somewhat less accurate but reliable Suunto compass I have an approximate bearing of 105deg from tr trail junction to alpine garden trail junction to lion head to the orange sign at treeline. Approximate at best and not much use in a whiteout - but better than nothing. Keep in mind when descending, you have the Raymond Cataract on your left which is a jumble of krummholz and probably filled with snow, and Tuckerman Ravine to your right - if you can keep heading downhill between and avoiding those 2 unmistakeable features, you have a good chance of finding the winter route in bad conditions. Keep in mind as I mentioned in my previous post, I never continue uphill in marginal conditions, it usually gets worse the higher you go - but I have the above info with me as insurance in case conditions turn bad unexpectedly as they often do. There's no shame in turning back and living to enjoy the mountains another day.
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