Welcome to the 4000 Foot Fitness & Fun Club! We'll meet at The Basin parking lot, on the northbound side of I-93 gear up and hit the trail at 8:30. Be there early. You'll see my fire red neon. We'll bag two at a time!
Our group will follow the paved bike path then have a very short bushwhack (to save 1.2 miles) through open hardwood trees, merge with the Liberty Springs Trail, and summit Mount Liberty (4459') where we will see spectacular views from all directions. Some may choose to return at this point. We will continue across the Franconia Ridge Trail 1.2 miles to Mt. Flume (4328'), and return the same way to The Basin parking lot.
This is a moderate hike with a round trip of 9.2 miles, 3,800 feet elevation gain in a book time of 7 hours, 30 minutes. Previous hiking experience with 3,000+ feet of elevation gain is highly recommended. Hike all 48 4k's and receive an AMC 4000 Foot Club scroll and a patch for your pack. Make new friends, meet old friends!