As I continue to peruse a copy of the AMC Guide 1936, it occurs that some of the more interesting tidbits would be of interest to some on this forum, especially the section on the Rockpile, goes:

P 179 says " the appalling and needless loss of life on this mountain has been largely due to the failure of robust trampers to realize that wintry storms of incredible violence occur at times even during the summer months. Rocks become ice-coated, freezing fog blinds and suffocates, winds of hurricane force exhaust the strongest tramper and when he stops to rest, a temperature below freezing completes the tragedy. Do not attempt Mt Washington if you have a weak heart or are in any way below par."
I thought it interesting that the belief of freezing fog would suffocate you.

P 180 The Railroad- "walking time of 3 h and 20m"

P 181 Summit House is "equipped with lunch counter and restaurant, 17 bedrooms and bathroom, and is steam heated and provided with telephone, post-office, and express facilities." 17 bedrooms and 1 bathroom!? Sounds like my wife's house.
" The Summit House and Tip Top House are now a "Club" and a membership fee of 50 cents per person is charged for the privilege of entering the buildings."
" Camden Cottage, built in 1922,is located SW of the Summit House about 75ft. NW from railroad trestle, on the site of the old printing office. From September to mid June it is open for shelter to trampers."

P 181-Carraige Road "Foot passengers, 16 cents each way. Automobiles $5.00 and $1.00 for each occupant, round trip."
" Because of continual theft and destruction of signs, information signs are now placed on the trails about 100ft. from the road with merely arrows (which may also disappear) at the actual point of divergence." Things don't seem to change too much, do they?

P 183 Pinkham Notch Camp "Autos may be parked here at 25cents per day under the care of the hutmen. The Pinkham Notch Road is ploughed in winter and if sufficient advance notice of intended arrival is given parties will be met at trains at Gorham or Intervale." Now that's service!

P 184 Tuckerman Ravine Trail- as of 1935 " the WMNF is rebuilding, grading,and partly relocating this path...the work has proceeded as far as the Hermit Lake Shelter." Page 185 mentions a trail "just beyond the Lake, the Shelter B. Trail diverges R to Hermit Lake and Shelter #2." Note that in the 1936 Book the trail is listed as 3.8 miles to Mt W,at 4h, 30m. The 2007 Book gives 4.2m, 4h, 15m.P 186 says " if snow extends across the trail (as it did in August 1926)it is better to use the Lion Head Trail."

P 189 Huntington Ravine Trail "the wall to the L (South)of the Fan, just above Pinnacle (and below the foot of the Main Gully)should not be attempted by unroped climbers. It looks easy at the start, but the rocks higher up are likely to offer much trouble. A fatal accident has occurred here." My guess is that was Henry Bigelow, 19, of Cambridge,MA. Sept. 18, 1931.

P 190 Lion Head Trail "constructed in 1922 in memory of Rev. William Rogers Richards, New York City." Never knew that.

P 192 Landslide in Pinkham Notch "this slide, which came down in the freshet of 1927 from the S side of the ridge bearing the Glen Boulder Trail crossed the Pinkham Notch Road about 1 1/2m S of the parking place at Glen Ellis Falls.Nearly level for 1/2m, and then for over 1/4m there are steep, bare ledges among which are some interesting falls. Beyond the "island" there is a wide area of destruction where two slides met or crossed, either may be followed."

For skiiers:
John Shelburne Trail-needs 15 in. of snow and is for experts and intermediates.

Tuckerman Ravine Path-needs 8in snow, "it is skiable but should not be used as a high speed run due to its narrowness and poor design for a ski trail."

Carriage Road-needs 4in of snow

Old Jackson Road-needs 8 in.of snow

Raymond Path-"not a ski run" but needs 8in. of snow anyways. Guess they knew some nut would try it regardless.

Gulf of Slides-"its slopes, while not as severe as those in Tuckerman, are in general more uniform, making it ideal for slalom event."