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Thread: A Few Days In The Whites

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    Default A Few Days In The Whites

    We spent last Saturday throught Wednesday at AMC Highland Center and it was a great trip. Way too long since we'd been in NH. Got in a number of hikes while we were there. Nothing big but really enjoyable just the same. Finally got around to starting a blog as a place to post trip reports. I'm planning to go back and fill in my reports from the last few years and get the photo albums up as well. Something to keep me busy when I can't be on the trails.

    Got there on Saturday around noon and it was a beautiful clear cold day (mid-teens). Hiked Mt Avalon which has become one of my all time favorite short hikes. Views were spectacular and there couldn't have been a better way to start the week. Only problem was that my daughter got really cold hands before the top and didn't get warmed up till almost the end of the hike. Spoilded the day for her.

    Trip report and link to photos is here:

    Sunday my wife and daughter went skiing since rain was predicted for Monday and they didn't want to lose the chance. I don't ski and took the opportunity to get in several hikes. Didn't want to do a long hike alone in winter conditions so I did a "triple cheat" - three hikes with much better views than are fair for the effort. First a sunrise hike to Red Bench Overlook to catch sunrise over the Presidentials. Then an Alpine Eco Tour snowshoe hike across the ridge at Bretton Woods ski area with the AMC group (ski lift to the top and back - hike throught the woods across the ridge). Finally a hike up Mt Willard to end the day as the coluds moved in for the Moday storms.

    Trip reports and link to photos is here:

    Monday was mostly a wash out with the rain storm. Snuck in a hike in the afternoon after the rain ended though. Tried to head up Webster-Jackson (just to Bugle Cliffs or there abouts) but got stymied by the brooks which were really raging. Headed back over to Crawford Path and went up to Gibbs Falls and then to Crawford Cliffs. Trails were like walking in frozen pudding even with snowshoes. Still better than sitting inside...

    Tuesday weather was nice again and we did a hike to Lonesome Lake. Would have done something longer but my wife hurt her knee a bit skiing on Sunday and we figured this was a good compromise. Beautiful hike and trails recovered nicely after the rain with a cold night.

    Trip report and link to photos is here:

    Unfortunately my wifes and my knees were both shot and we didn't fit anything in on Wednesday (except the obilgatory morning hike to Red Bench). Great vacation and great hikes. Already looking forward to being back in July (and hopefully sometime in between).

    A few more photos from the week that weren't in the hike albums here:

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    Default Great stuff!

    Great Tr and pics, Mark! Looks like you guys had a great time. If you go again I highly recommend hiking the Sugarloafs off of Zealand Road. We have done the Red Bench, but have not had the view yet!


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