If you're like me you probably can't wait until the Daily Morning Report gets published to see how much snow Mount Washington received.

You are in luck because MWO reports snowfall every 6 hours at 00,06,12 and 18z. All you need to do is learn the code. On the Mount Washington website look for the METAR code located beneath the summit conditions. Towards the end of that code look for a 6 digit number beginning with "931." That "931" indicates the 6 hour snowfall is going to follow in the next 3 digits.

The following three numbers represent the snowfall in inches and tenths. For example: 931012 means that 1.2 inches of snow fell; 931002 means 0.2 inches of snow. I think 931000 or 931/// indicates a trace.

If you don't see any 931 codes then no snow fell or this is not an hour where snow is reported. If you think that is exciting you'd be amazed at what all those other numbers mean.