With this warm weather this may bring out the climbers who want to be able to do Washington in the winter and think this is the perfect time to do it. I just climbed on Nov. 8th in rain and warmer temps. This is a very difficult time to climb due to having to have the correct clothes and proper gear. You really need a light summer shell for the bottom and a winter shell for above tree. You need summer first layer for below tree and mid - weight for above tree. You will need no traction for the bottom but will need traction above tree. The bottom line is you really need to bring 2 sets of clothes. I had 3 sets and went thru all 3 by the time I was back at Pinkham. Don't let the warm weather make you think it is that way on the rock pile. Be prepared!!!!!!!! The weather can change in a heart beat. Remember no matter what the temp is it is still Nov. and that means it is winter on the top.