For those of you interested in Mount Everest (I figure there are at least a few on this forum) there is a new documentary series chronicalling one team's ascent last spring. New episodes air on the Discovery Channel, Tuesday's at 10pm....with many repeats during the week.

The show follows Russel Bryce's team up the North Col route through Tibet. The climbing season last spring was very controversial with many well-publicized deaths on the mountain. As many as the "Into Thin Air" season in 1996. Bryce's team was harshly criticized with a few of these fatalities. I hope this series will help set the record straight.

I watched the first episode last night and it was very good. Lot's of real footage high on the mountain (Everest Imax had less than 1 minute of film above high camp). This sort of series is long overdue in my mind.