...And I probably want to hike up Tuckermans. Where do I begin?

I've had a few people ask me about this topic, and hopefully this forum can help answer their questions. There's a lot to cover so everyone's input is important.

First off, my answer is almost always yes, you can climb Mount Washington. The mountain has a dangerous reputation that is well deserved, but the fact is that tens of thousands of people climb safely to the summit every year.

One big issue with Tuckerman Ravine Trail is that the trail is closed to hikers for a few months in the spring and even into early summer some years. Snow and ice make the trail unclimbable. The standard detour is up the Lion's Head trail. An equally challenging route with great views of the ravine.

Besides that there is nothing special about Tuckermans Ravine during the summer. Follow the trail, paint blazes, and cairns all the way to the summit. In the ravine there are some steep sections that can easily be negotiated with caution.