one time me and matty d and johnny b were up there in june i think it was and boy howdy it was a-blowin and a-howlin' fo' sho'! i'd say (actually i know cause i went inside and checked the gauges) it was blowin' steady around 80mph (homey don't play that kmh stuff!! ) with gusts up to i'd say a hunnert!! i got some photos somewheres of johnny b leanin' all the way back into it!! whooet!!!!

but i'm sure a lot of folks have been up there in even stronger winds.

(totally unrelated or maybe a little related since it has to do with wind and all, but one time in boulder colorado i knew this girl named dena and she was just a little ol' thing, probably not 80 lbs wet, and they have these chinook winds that roar down out of the canyons into town. well, dena was walkin' across this open plaza on the univ. of colo. campus and got blown over and tumbled around like a paper cup til i grabbed her! she was so traumatized she wouldn't leave her room for three days!! crazy times!!!)