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I don't like the sound of that. I'm planning to do Little Haystack, Lincoln, and Lafayette on Monday, and I was assuming this is accurate:


It says there's only patches - can we assume it's right, or should we bring boots?
We did Old Bridle Path to Mt Lafayette yesterday (Sat). We didn't do the ridge due to high winds and winter-like temps. Here's what I can tell you:

  • From the trailhead to the views of Walker Ravine from the ledges, it's all clear and dry.
  • From the ledges to the hut - you'll start to find wet, somewhat muddy trail and some leftover snow. It's mushy, but you can either walk around it or over it with bare boots.
  • From the hut to the summit is less snow (still some) and mostly wet rocks. We didn't encounter any ice.

From people we spoke to at the hut, they suggested that the Falling Waters trail was similar with wet snow as you neared the treeline on Little Haystack.

There was a ranger in the parking lot as we headed out - warning people about the weather and trail conditions. That may have been more because of the wind and freezing fog that was occurring at the time.

By the time we got to the hut, the summits were coming out of the clouds.

Personally, I wouldn't wear sneakers, but some people did yesterday. Depends how much you like dry feet.