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The assumption has always been that an injured Kelly James remained holed up in a snow cave while his two buddies braved a blizzard in their heroic attempt to get help.

Now, what about this scenario? All three climbers were descending during the storm when things suddenly went from bad to worse. A horribly tragic event resulted in Brian Hall and Jerry "Nikko" Cooke being swept into 'the gullies', however Kelly James somehow managed to dodge this bullet. Despondent, yet seeking to avoid the same fate as his friends, Kelly James began a reluctant retreat. Stumbling in the heavy snow, he failed to find the group's original snow cave so he had to dig another. And in this cave...we know the rest...
I don't think that is accurate. According to the autopsy Kelly never had an injury. He may have been cold or tired, but not injured in any significant way. Also, the snow cave issue seems to be confusing to everybody. There was only one big snow cave, and that's where they found the body. The other "cave" was actually just a platform on the snow, not really a cave at all.

I'm sure a more detailed investigation (a book) will emerge once they find the other two. Their bodies will tell us a lot. A cut rope, missing equipment, and what they had with them.