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    What type of lightning data does the observatory keep?

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    What type of lightning data does the observatory keep?
    That depends on what exactly you are looking for. If you are looking for how many actual strikes hit the summit and surrounding areas, almost nothing is kept. If you are looking into how many thunderstorms we get each year, we do track this dating back at least 76 years. What this number is right off hand, I do not know, I would have to do some research. We are in the process of installing a lightning detection device so in the future, our data might reveal a bit more about the strikes we receive but for now, the only lightning data we have are some sparse descriptions in our records and only what was going on during the observation itself not for the entire hour. Hope this helps, if not, reword the question and I can maybe more descriptive.

    Ryan Knapp
    Staff Meteorologist/Night Observer, KMWN (Mt Washington Obs., NH)

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